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We Put UK Casinos Slots Online To The Test, Here Are Our Results

Online gambling has boomed over the past few years in every country around the world. This can only be put down to the advancement in online slot games. Therefore proving to be more popular than any other kind of games that are offered. We have decided to put the games available in the UK to the test. Here are the results to our UK casinos slots online test. We hope this will help you decide whether you want to play at a UK casino.

Although the market is one of the strictest enforced in the whole industry. This does not affect the quality of the games. In fact, this aspect has dramatically improved over the past few years. When you compare the games that have recently been launched, the quality is leagues above what was offered before. For example, when online slot games were introduced, the visuals would be mainly 2D. Nowadays they are offered in amazing 3D graphics.

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The Best UK Casinos Slots Online

The past year has seen some incredible slot games to hit the market. All of which very quickly became solid player favourites. This is down to a number of factors. First, we will get into is the looks of the game. This may not seem important, however, it is what draws you to the game initially. One of the great things about slot games is that they are so versatile when it comes to this. As a result, you can see slot games themed on anything from Ancient History to Futuristic looks. Some of the most popular games to hit the casinos last year had themes that ranged hugely. An example of this can be seen in games such as:

  1. Starburst Slot Game
  2. Gonzo’s Quest Slot
  3. Fluffy Favourites
  4. Reel Rush Slot Game

How We Tested The Games

Testing the games was the best part of this process. I mean, who wouldn’t like to sit and play online slot games for hours? But down to the seriousness. We felt like we had to do a proper test of the games. This included us using multiple devices that use different operating systems. We do this because people tend to use either Android, iOS or Windows. Therefore, we need to make sure they work on each and every one.

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We did have to do some research on the games, as there is certain information that is not displayed. If you want to find out the average payback rate the game offers, you will have to look this up. There are services out there offered which do show you information like this. As a result, on a quick internet search away. We can say that most of the games we looked at had an average of 87-99% payback rate. Having a payback this high could be a contributor to what makes them so popular. As they will reward you with winning spins more often.

All of the games we looked into all offered feature rounds. This means that feature rounds help make a game more popular to play. This is another factor that is constantly improving in the industry.